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Pennsylvania Longbow Association, Inc.

The Pennsylvania Longbow Association Inc., also know as the PLA, was formed in 1990 and is comprised of members who enjoy shooting and hunting with Recurves, Longbows, or Self bows, and who also enjoy sharing these experiences with others.

Originating by traditional bowmen from the central and eastern part of the Commonwealth, the PLA is looking to expand it's membership statewide. Our present membership also includes archers from many neighboring states.

The objectives of the PLA are to perpetuate the true spirit of traditional archery, to promote the safe enjoyment of the sport of traditional archery, to facilitate friendly competitions, and to provide fellowship. A key purpose of the PLA is to promote youth involvement in traditional archery by providing education that stresses the wise use and conservation of natural resources and the proper use of traditional equipment.

Your membership will enable you to enjoy the fun and excitement of shooting with a group of archers that not only share your ideals, and are working to promote and protect them as well. As a member, you will have the opportunity to offer your talents and experience to the group, pick up tips on shooting style and hunting from other successful members, see, shoot, and talk with other members about bows, arrows and other equipment. Most importantly, your membership will help to promote traditional archery and bowhunting across Pennsylvania.

If this sounds interesting to you, send in an application, which can be found in the Membership Information section, with your dues. Your participation can and will make a difference!

Do you shoot or hunt with a longbow, recurve, or self bow?

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